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What Is Tested in a CBC?


A Complete Blood Count or CBC is one of the most common tests that anyone will have to undergo as a routine health checkup, a screening for certain disorders, or as part of a minor emergency care procedure.

But how does this work? What is measured in a CBC to allow such indications?

As a trusted provider of urgent care in Columbus, Georgia, we at URGENT CARE OF COLUMBUS, GA are discussing what is counted in this particular test—your red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

These three are the basic types of blood cells that are measured for any changes in levels, an increase or decrease being indicative of developments in your overall health that can help your doctor make accurate evaluations.

In particular, two components of the red blood cells—hemoglobin and hematocrit—are measured to see if they are at low levels. Low levels of these cells usually indicate anemia. In contrast, white blood cells are measured to see any abnormal increase that may indicate a simple infection, inflammation, or even cancer.

On the other hand, for platelets, any dips and highs in their levels can indicate a serious medical issue. A high platelet count can indicate a rare condition called primary thrombocythemia, while a low platelet count can mean thrombocytopenia.

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