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What Do You Do When You Get an Animal Bite?


Animal bites and scratches are dangerous especially when they break the skin as they can cause infections. Depending on the size and depth of the bite you may even need to get stitches. As a provider of minor emergency care, we cater to patients with animal bites to ensure that they are free from infections and life-threatening conditions.

As a provider of occupational health in Georgia here are some first aid tips we recommend when you get bitten by an animal:

  • Wash the area
    Wash the area immediately with soap and water. If it is bleeding, apply pressure on it with a sterile gauze or a clean cloth to stop it.
  • Put antibiotic ointment on it
    Once the bleeding has stopped you can apply antibiotic ointment to the wound.
  • Cover the wound
    Cover the area with a bandage or sterile gauze especially if it is a big wound.
  • Get medical care
    Immediately seek medical care especially if the bite was from a wild or stray animal, if the bite was from a pet whose rabies shots are not up-to-date, the bite has broken skin, or if the bite has become red, hot, swollen, or painful.

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