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Getting your needed medical attention is now made available online! With our telehealth services, patients can easily access the right practitioner to assess, treat, and monitor their condition. Whether at home, on vacation, or somewhere far from the nearest urgent care clinic and hospital, you can now reach our healthcare practitioners anytime.

Our doctors on duty provide the most comprehensive services possible to optimize your overall health and well-being as your remain in place. Not only do we reduce your expenses on medical services, but we also keep you safe at home and away from possible infections from the crowd and places.


Most common Allergies can be treated at home without visiting the Urgent care.

Colds & Coughs

We can treat this effectively and symptomatically.


We can help direct you to effective treatments including prescription medications if needed.


We can treat at home without you leaving the comfort of your home.

Minor Injuries

Sprained ankle? We will direct you to effective treatments instead of you leaving the comfort of your home.

Sinus infections

We can treat at home without you leaving the comfort of your home.

Skin Conditions

Stay in the privacy of your home to get a diagnosis for common skin conditions like shingles, dermatitis and lice.

Sore Throat

When you need more than a cough drop, we can help you get rid of a sore throat.

Upset Stomach

A virus, or something you ate? We’ll help make a diagnosis and put you on the path to a happier tummy.

UTIs & bladder Infections

We’ll get you effective treatment, including antibiotics if medically appropriate, so you can move on with your life.

Even More Services

Our providers treat a range of non-urgent illnesses and conditions. If we can’t help you, we’ll point you to someone who can.


Request appointment on our website, and we will send you our intake form.
Our nurse will call you to get your information into our system and the time you want to be seen.

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Insurance is not required to be seen by our doctors on duty.

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