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Reasons Why Sports Physical Is Important


The main purpose of a sports physical is to allow providers to catch potentially life-threatening health problems that can be triggered by sports or other physical activities. In most schools, they require a student-athlete to complete a sports physical before starting practice sessions, even in sports fests. Here at URGENT CARE OF COLUMBUS, GA, the trusted Urgent Care in Columbus, Georgia, we provide sports physicals to ensure that people are safe upon joining and when engaging in sport.

Our sports physical includes a comprehensive discussion about every patient’s medical history. We conduct a thorough physical examination. If our doctors do not see complications that may be exacerbated by the sports activity, then they will sign off on any required paperwork to allow the patient to participate in a sport. A routine physical examination during sports physical here in our Occupational Health in Georgia includes an assessment of vital signs, vision screenings, and hearing screenings. Providers also look for joint and muscle problems.

If a provider sees minor issues, our professionals will provide Minor Emergency Care, and even recommend a specialist if needed. However, if the issue is simply a history of twisted ankles or joint instability, they may just teach strengthening exercises and give the patient a brace to prevent further injury.

Be sure that you are healthy enough to join a new sport. Avail of our sports physical examination. Our professionals are here to provide you the best possible care. Contact us for more information.

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