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HIV Infection and Its Progression


Many people engage in unprotected sexual activities. Couples, young and old, married or cohabiting, are being more sexually active. And when they continue not protecting themselves, they might acquire sexually transmitted diseases or STDs like gonorrhea, herpes, and HIV infections.

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a virus that targets the immune system, and when left untreated, may progress to the deadly AIDS or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.

HIV infection has three stages:

  • Acute HIV infection – initially, flu-like symptoms will manifest in this stage. At this point, the virus has already multiplied in the blood in large amounts. At this stage, Minor Emergency Care is crucial to prevent or prolong the progression to the next phase.
  • Chronic HIV infection – at this time, no signs will show, but the virus continuously and slowly spreads through the body. The person can now pass the virus to others through intercourse, pregnancy, and other activities that involve blood contact. Some people progress to the next stage quickly, while others may last longer.
  • AIDS progression – this is the final phase where the infection has total control of the immune system. The damage is severe that other complications start to develop and eventually leading to death. Watch out for symptoms as you might need Urgent Care in Columbus, Georgia.

The first step to combat a possible HIV infection is to get a lab test from the URGENT CARE OF COLUMBUS, GA. We understand that people are hesitant to get tested for some reason, but we assure you that we will treat your case discreetly and with confidentiality.

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