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Debunking the Myths Surrounding Wound Care


URGENT CARE OF COLUMBUS, GA offers affordable and convenient urgent care in Columbus, Georgia to diverse individuals and families. Our doctors on duty render immediate care and treatment to common and some complex illnesses and injuries that do not necessarily need to be treated in the hospital.

Aside from occupational health in Georgia, part of our services is treating conditions, such as wound care. With wound care, some patients may come in with fresh cuts but some come in with uncleaned wounds that are at risk of infection. These happen due to misinformation that our patients encountered online or in person.

As we age, wound healing can become more complicated and often prolonged, especially if we have other health issues that interfere with healing. Conditions that can interfere with healing can include advanced age, diabetes, heart and blood flow issues, autoimmune diseases, or swelling in our legs. These usually require minor emergency care.

It’s not wise to follow old wives’ tales about wounds. First of all, alcohol is not suitable to clean and disinfect a wound. Better wash the wound with clean water and soap or with iodine.

Scabbing is not always a good sign of wound healing. Always keep your wounds covered and moist. This progression of fluid and debris hardening into a covering over your cut or scrape interferes with the entire healing process.

Using honey to treat your wound is also a bad idea unless it’s original medical-grade like Manuka or Leptospermum honey. Make sure not to use honey from the little bear in your cupboard.

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