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X-ray: Dispelling Misconceptions and Myths


X-ray is an imaging procedure that uses devices that emit electromagnetic radiation. Radiologists use it to create a picture of the body, or its parts, to diagnose injuries and conditions. You can find it in hospitals, diagnostic, and even in facilities for Urgent Care in Columbus, Georgia.

For decades, radiographic imaging became one of the most sought-after procedures in the field of medicine. However, some people believe that exposure is harmful to human health. Below are some common misconceptions about X-rays and radiation in general.

  • Having more than one X-ray imaging at once is dangerous.
    A doctor needs to assess what a patient needs to know the gravity of the injury or if the patient requires major or Minor Emergency Care. And if ever multiple exposures to X-rays are harmful, your doctor should inform you and schedule the procedures days apart. But that is not the case.
  • Radiation in X-rays can harm the unborn.
    High-dose radiation can cause miscarriage to a two-week-old embryo and increases the risk of defects in fetuses beyond that period. However, that is not even present in diagnostic imaging.
  • Radiation can cause infertility.
    No. People can wear a lead apron to protect the reproductive system and request a lower amount of radiation.
  • Dental X-rays can cause severe headaches.
    Dental X-rays use a small amount of radiation. It will not cause headaches and other side effects.

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